Wise Advice to Managers


“Don’t be afraid of the phrase, ‘I don’t know’.” If you don’t know the answer to an employee or board member’s question, don’t try to bluff your way through. If you’re at fault, take the blame. If you’re wrong, apologize. If you don’t have the answer at your fingertips then, promise to get back to the person with the answer within a specific timeframe.

“Never gossip.” If someone wants to gossip with you, politely say you’re not interested. Anyway, those who gossip with you today, will gossip about you tomorrow.

“No task is beneath you.” Don’t think that as a manager you’re above anything. Be the good example and pitch in, especially if your team is already overwhelmed.

“Share the credit whenever possible.” A manager who spreads credit around looks much stronger than those who take all the credit themselves.

“Ask for help.” If you think you’re in over your head – then you are! Ask for some help and you’ll find most people enjoy giving a hand. Besides saving yourself from embarrassment, you’ll make a friend and an ally.

“Know when to say no.” There is nothing wrong with saying no, especially when it is not out of pure selfishness. Don’t try to be nice by always saying Yes. “Cool” bosses are not always the most effective in the long run.

“When you don’t like someone, don’t let it show.” Do your best to always treat everyone fairly. Never burn bridges or offend others.

“Let it go!” What shouldn’t happen often does. You weren’t given the project you wanted, you were passed over for the promotion you deserved. Be gracious, diplomatic and move on. Harboring a grudge won’t advance your career.

“Never stop investing in yourself.” Keep yourself updated with the latest news and development in your field. As a manager, people look up to you for guidance, so make sure you are prepared to answer them.

“Value feedback” Whether positive or negative, accepting feedback will make you grow. You will often have to swallow your pride and acknowledge your shortcomings to improve and become a better manager.

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