How to Find a Good Accountant

female accountant

Finding a good accountant is not always an easy task, whether you are looking for one to do your bookkeeping or to file your taxes.
Here are some guidelines on how to choose an accountant that you can trust with your personal and business finances.

Look for referrals
The first thing you do to find a good accountant, is to build a list of referrals form credible sources, such as your friends, family, or your local bank representative. If you have any contacts or affiliations with other businesses, then you can ask them for accountant referrals as well. These are all trusted resources that can provide you with some good leads on who you can trust to be your accountant.

Research, research, research
Once you have some leads, check out their websites, Yelp page and/or LinkedIn pages before reaching out to them. In your research, try to determine their areas of expertise. Just like you have immigration lawyers, divorce lawyers, etc…, accountants to be specialized in certain areas as well. You want to find an accountant that is well acquainted with your industry and business type.

By now, you should have a good list of people to reach out to get more information. I would recommend calling to get a good first impression. Some key things you want to find out:
• Typical services offered
• Average size of clients
• Pricing and fees structure
• Preferred communication channels
• Staff qualifications, if applicable
• Proudest accomplishments

Overall, you should look for how qualified, informative and responsive the accountant and anybody working with him/her are. You want to pick someone with whom you can build a lasting relationship; someone that can grow with you and support along the way.

After gathering all this information, you can then decide. Remember to always reassess and review the work of your new accountant. You work too hard to build your finances to just blindly trust anyone with them.

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