How to Become & Stay a High Performer

Top Performer

There is a science to be a high performer in every single position you hold, no matter the company. Here are. Here are some tips on reaching and keeping that status:

1. Understand what is expected of you, whether it is from your superiors or your subordinates.

2. Consistently over-deliver. When you are asked to perform a task, don’t just perform it. See the big picture and try to improve or at least make suggestions on how to improve a process. Only by doing more, you will learn more and create additional value for yourself. Caveat: You should avoid becoming a workaholic and strive to maintain a good work-life balance.

3. Be proactive, instead of waiting for marching orders from your superiors. If you have spare time, learn more about your industry, take online training courses and invest in yourself.

4. See your current job as a step in your successful career
How you see your job determines how well you will perform. Don’t just see your current position as a job, see it as a part of your career. Learn from it and grow from it. Do not see any task as beneath you.

5. Be Willing to share your knowledge with others. Do not try to keep what you know to yourself in fear of no longer being needed. Instead share it and be a good team player. That will make you more indispensable to your team. If you do not hold a management position yet, you will definitely be among the top candidates for the next promotion.

6. Support your boss. Be the employee you would like to manage as a boss. Remain professional even when you don’t agree with him/her.

7. Stay away from gossiping and bad office politics. Walls have ears; do not compromise your reputation for petty things.

If you have the correct mindset, no matter where you work, you will always get recognized a top performer.

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