Be Careful with Your Social Media Profiles!


More and more corporate recruiters are googling potential employees, checking their profiles on networking sites and using the online world as another way to check references.

Business school administrators and professors are also now advising students on the importance of maintaining a professional presence on all their social networking sites.

While it can be intimidating, you can use this to your advantage with this few tips:

• Review and approve tags before they are posted on your Facebook timeline. It will allow you to filter which photos and comments appear on your timeline.
• Follow people wisely on Instagram and Twitter
• Do not post about your “side” business, if you are still employed or looking for a full-time position.
• Use thoughtful quotes in your posts, especially on LinkedIn.
• Do not vent in public groups about your job or colleagues.
• Avoid posting embarrassing photos.
• Pick your cover photos wisely. You always want to appear positive and trustworthy.

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