2 Must-have Outfits for Networking Events

Networking events are an important part of every business. They are designed to bring the coworkers or potential business partner together, in different environment, outside the working hours. When it comes to your outfit, your goal should be to leave a good impression, while staying comfortable. Here are 2 outfits that will help you achieve this goal.

Classic Dress with Midi Length

The first outfit option that is a must for your. This classic dress is a staple. It is elegant, classic, formal, with small or without cleavage and structured shoulder. It presents seriousness and has timeless beauty. The color choice that is appropriate for these occasions is navy, black, plum or any other deep color. Bolder colors to these occasions are not recommended. However, if you like bold colors, use them in your accessories (i.e. jewelry, shoes,belt…). Pair it with an elegant blazer and comfortable shoes, and voila!

Pantsuit or Women’s Tuxedo

The second option is a combination of blazer or jacket, shirt and pants. If you are having doubts, this look is always a winner. You simply cannot go wrong with a pant suit. It is always business appropriate and easy to accessorize. The shirt underneath can be silk and shiny, for a more luxurious effect.

Of course, as you take notes and collect business cards during your event, do not forget to use our signature executive gold pens.

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